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    Why RENTING is Like Your Last Relationship…

    By Bethany White | March 3, 2017

     We’ve all had that one relationship where we looked back and said “why did I do that!? What was I thinking!?”. A lot of people look back at their housing decisions and say the exact same thing about their renting experience. While there are benefits of renting, there were also some benefits to your last... Read More

    Set the Stage to SELL!

    By Bethany White | February 16, 2017

    Carrie Fisher once told us: “Everybody thinks they have good taste, and a sense of humor” …and she’s right!            When listing their property, every home-owner has the same thought. I loved it here! Buyers will love it here too!           In some cases, that might be... Read More

    Like New Construction? LOVE The Perks!

    By Bethany White | February 10, 2017

    I get it! You like the idea of being the home’s first family. The idea of shiny new appliances that have never seen a spill is pretty exciting. You look forward to the smell that is more identifiable than a new car: fresh paint and new carpet.  I like all those things, too. But the... Read More

    The Team Invites YOU to an Adventure!

    By Bethany White | January 19, 2017

    This Saturday, January 21st, between 12 and 2pm, Bethany White and her Team are opening doors all over Virginia Beach for an exclusive look into some of Hampton Roads’ most elite listings! Come out and MEET THE TEAM that has been finding homes for Hampton Roads families for over 14 years! Once you’ve met the... Read More

    Let’s Go Back In Time…

    By Bethany White | January 13, 2017

    Do you ever wish you could go back? Back to the days where you could wake up to nothing but the sound of birds outside your window? The days where laughing children would ride bikes with their friends around the neighborhood? Where neighbors had community barbecues and knew each other by name? Welcome to Courthouse... Read More

    Look DOWN for LOVE!

    By Bethany White | January 5, 2017

    Who believes in love at first sight? Somebody? …Anybody? Well, what if I told you, all you have to do is look down! This featured home at 1059 Creekview Ridge Court has unique, custom flooring that immediately draws the eye and makes one think, “Yes, my furniture would go perfectly right… there!” The marbled, fossilized, bamboo... Read More

    Staging to Sell

    By Bethany White | November 10, 2014

    Make staging, showing, and selling your home a breeze! Read More

    Welcome to Bullock Walk

    By Bethany White | November 4, 2014

    This small subdivision of 5 homes in Deep Creek, Chesapeake is being built now.  They’ll each be four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and about 2400 square feet.  Let me know if you’d like more information! Read More

    Columbus Day Weekend

    By Bethany White | October 10, 2014

    I am working through the holidays if you’d like to see a home, schedule a buyer’s consult, or talk to me about selling then give me a call!! Read More

    Pick Up The Phone

    By Bethany White | October 2, 2014

    As REALTORS, our phones ring off the hook. My clients from the other day reminded me of just how important it is to answer them. Read More